Rev: Art & Lies


book review: Art & Lies, by Jeanette Winterson

winterson’s (slightly indirectly stated) purpose in writing this book is “re-virgining the whore”, that is, new-life-ing worn-out words-and-phrases. and she does pretty well, beautiful prose her strength and all. nice flow of wordage to sink into, fill you with colours and smells and al. (can’t resist the occasional outta-place-teehee, though. “vers. libre lel”, gives some human-ness)

what feels over-engineered, then, is the skeleton under that skin, poking out chunkily all over. but she addresses that too, being all “in your daily lives, you make everything as un-natural as possible, surrounding yourself with un-natural things. why get upset over un-natural stories?”. and it works, and it’s nice. still, though, don’t think could read a bunch of books like this sequentially, just need a breather sometimes with a float and flutter-flow some more. she uses it here more as a frame for related poems. works, tied together pretty well but can’t really “long-feel” from it, just headspeak and moments

bit about book-burrowing boys maybe favourite image in anything ever now, though.

and all together, favourite fan fiction