i write as “ageha”.
books are licensed creative commons, and digital downloads are free!

short stories

cover Small Sad People
a collection of short stories and poems about growing in the southwest US
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cover ko yo te
20xx (in progress)
story of a girl lost in the past


cover information xor consolidation
20xx (in progress)
a practical guide to data, knowledge, and ideas


all programming projects are open-source licensed and can be downloaded from:


C confconf (wip) utility for generating config file parsers
C every flexible cli event calendar


C simple-opt cli option parsing in a single header file
C simple-test unit testing in a single header file
C simple-xdg-bdirs single header interface to the XDG Base Directory Spec
Crystal xdg_basedir interface to the XDG Base Directory Spec



galu is a constructed language to be used in a joint game project with Kumi Togetsu

font bachirulo-brush brush calligraphy font for the galu script
font bachirulo-type computer font for the galu script


Stella Benson

Stella Benson (1892-1933) was a traveller. beginning in a pre-war london, her brief life saw several ocean crossings, both atlantic and pacific, well as full-length runs of north america and years spent deep away in china, teaching, wandering, and getting into trouble

she also wrote a lot

stories, poems, novels, travelogues, her writing can be boiled to three essential elements, those being: Ocean (vast). Faerie (strange). and Severance (of self and from the rest).

not so surprisingly, she was most recognised back then for Tobit Transplanted, a novel which, in being tied to myth and an existing structuring, strayed off the furthest from herself and nearer to the things that everyone expected (i.e. “plot”)

though mostly now forgotten, modern readers have at least, it seems, taken some interest in one of her earlier works, Living Alone, because it has, like, witches and stuff, and i'm kind of into that

cover The little world
1925 | 20xx (under construction)
a travelogue in snippets, skits, and sarcasm, detailing time spent riding boats, walking a lot, and slave-driving a poor, mistreated Model T named Stephanie
cover The man who missed the 'bus
1928 | 2020
a story of a man who is alive, or maybe not
[web] [pdf] [epub]
cover Hope against Hope and other stories
1931 | 20xx (under construction)
a collection of stories on lives adrift. this one's good
cover Christmas formula and other stories
1932 | 20xx (under construction)
a rare-er bit of “social commentary” and a dream