i am(not)


i am an accessory


i am a toy


i am a burden


i am the pain in your head that will not go away and the waitress who drops her platter

i am the lights that grow brighter when you turn off the switch

i am there when you want me

i am there when you don’t

i am there when you open your closet and weeks worth of laundry spills out on your floor

i am something you keep in your pocket, or else i fit neatly on your keychain. i keep the time and tell it for you when you least want to know

i am the line of scum left in your sink after a year of brushing teeth and brushing hair

i am easy to use and easy to use and i am easy to use

i overflow your toilet and then i call up your parents and tell them to come over so i can watch their expressions through the peep hole when they knock on the door and then realise what they’ve stepped in

i am always looking to please and i am always looking to please

i am always looking. please.


i am something that comes with your meal

i am something from your past

i am something to do with the house

i am something that fills your dreams when you wish you were dreaming of her

i am none of these things, i know, i am none of these things

Tujiko Noriko - Kiminotameni