new domain


migrated permanently to a new domain:

  • 「哀憐」 as in like “sympathy”, like “for someone or something less-fortunate”
  • 「実験」 like “actually putting it into practice”, or else conducting a formal experiment (basically the same thing, suppose)

to go along with the switch, been planning out how to rewrite this whole thing as a simple elixir+plug+cowboy site (really a mess underneath right now x-x), and as a first step to that, working out how to properly handle markdown stuff.

the most immediate solution seems to be pandoc, because it can handle commonmark-gfm and also does syntax highlighting by parsing in-line and assigning class tags.

here are example outputs for zsh:

for elixir:

and for c:

p’neat, right?…except that pandoc pulls in like 4 gigs of dependencies, so no way can run it on-server. should be some way to get this same effect using just cmark-gfm and skylighting, so that could have a single command elixir server could use to auto-update things on fs-change, but that would take some work, something html-aware to patch stuff together in the middle

dunno, this s’enough for now

song of the day:

Earl Sweatshirt - Faucet