books, bodies, etc


got corona’d XX

lost weight again and reached this time bmi of 14.8. not sure of how to gain again; stuff just doesn’t stay down…

body stuff is reaching like despair-of-no-return, but try to not say much of it, though guess here now am XX

put together a keyboard, parts had been waiting around forever. it’s an older-model nyquist from this keebio, with the switches are these “sakura” quiet linear things and a case that’s 3d printed

here’s how it looks eventually (not screwed together in this shot but

also for soldering, lots of tiny little diodes and connector pins and things, used an iron called pinecil from the pine phone people; it works amazingly well and was relatively cheap. it can be flashed uses this open source ironos that was developed first for ts100

with that also soldered back together an old sansa clip running rockbox, because the audio jack had come loose

it’s a little difficult, getting used to a new customised key layout too, but after some weeks now my accuracy is improving enough to type something like this post in ok time. at first for that i used this little “keyboard genetics” project that lets you fix some keys in place if you want and it auto-optimises based on your own texts you want to type. i changed around a fair amount from what that produced, however, wanting something that works smoothly with vim and shell and programming and such while still being more efficient typing than is qwerty. the end result of that is in my dotfiles, if you’re curious to see or try it for yourself (it uses the qmk firmware

project also uses some diy cables from the zap cables guy, which was a lot of fun putting together:

otherwise i’ve been reading a lot a lot of books. not being able to type so well has felt like an opportunity, catching up on jp things and want to know for writing sources. currently this 柏葉幸子’s 帰命寺横丁の夏, very cute (i heard it recently got an en translation, but jp of course). kids’ books are relaxing and comfortable..

i want to become good enough for translating anything easily, maybe for work but mostly just for personal life purposes, so have been reading also textbooks about that and practising

let’s not think about how the world wants you dead, and just be alive somehow for now. a little longer, while it’s possible, enjoy each moment

haroー mai nemi monsutaー!

song of the day:

Art-School - 2003 live